Enemies Of Weight Loss - Stay Away From These Foods At All Cost!!

Diet is more important than exercising. You could do a million push ups every day but you'd only be hurting your efforts if you had a cheeseburger right afterwards. The foods you put in your system are the most integral part of your overall success and so you don't counteract your efforts i'm going to tell you exactly what you need to stay away from so you will be able to lose weight and keep it off for good

BEWARE FOOD #1 - Everything White

White flour, White rice, White Bread etc if it's white. Stay away from it. These ''foods'' are super processed and barely have any nutritional value. Those commercials from the 50's of a family breakfast with the typical white foods don't apply anymore because the grain that most of those white foods come from aren't the same as they were in 1951 due to genetically modified experiments that are removed pretty all of the nutritional value (GMOs) so they can hardly be called ''Foods'' anymore. 

They speed up blood glucose levels and create mucus and fat and just mess up your body. If you knew the disgusting things that delicious donut was doing to your body you would throw up. Under no circumstances EVER do you eat these

BEWARE FOOD #2 - Sugar 

Ahhh good old sugar, Where do i even start with you? I am a little confused as to where i should begin to be quite honest. Does that give you guys an idea of how BAD Sugar is!? I can't even figure out where to start. Okay i guess i should just say that sugar could be argued as your #1 enemy when it comes to losing weight because it literally does the OPPOSITE of what you want your body to be doing when you're trying to lose weight. 

Stay far FAR away from ALL SUGARS in ANY FORM. That includes everything suagr is in, Did you know there are over 20 packs of sugar in a can of pop?! Would you eat 20 packs of sugar? Stay away! Honey is okay. (Update: Guys you can occasionally eat sugar but it should be organic palm sugar or agave nectar. Stay away from white sugar, do your research and find the best sugars out there)

BEWARE FOOD #3 -  Genetically Modified Wheat

I already said you should stay away from white foods and most white foods contain wheat but not all of them. So i decided to talk about this separately. GMO Wheat use to be good 50 years ago until i assume some guy in a science coat looking to get rich decided to genetically modify it to yield more crops completely ignoring the effects it would have on the human body. It probably didn't go exactly like that but i can't be too far off

GMO Wheat is terrible especially if you are trying to lose belly fat. Ever heard of Wheat Belly? Wheat sends so much fat into your stomach that if you eat wheat bread every day and do all the ab exercises in the world you'd still not see the results you want. Stay away from GMO wheat. Take a look at this great book called Wheat Belly for more information

Check out this girls results just from removing wheat from her diet as instructed by the Wheat Belly book