Nutribullet Review - Review Of The Nutribullet

After seeing a bunch of commercials i finally got my hands on the Nutribullet a few months ago. I had a lot of expectations because people were saying such good things about this and how it could boost your health immensely. This is a completely unbiased review of the Nutribullet. I'll review absolutely everything about it so you know the ins, outs and betweens. So without any further speculation  lets get to the Nutribullet review!

So a quick story about me, I bought the Nutribullet a few months ago and immediately put it to work. I was so excited i began right away making a nice glass of juice *oops i mean i started making a ''Nutriblast''. I bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables like Apples, Carrots, Pineapple, Strawberries, Kale, etc and didn't really follow any recipes just tossed them in together and hoped for the best. You could say i was a NutriScientist

So lets start from the beginning when i first bought the package i brought home a pretty large box that contained the equipment as well as the main juicer. I opened the box pretty simply (Except putting the stuff back in was a little difficult, but that's a story for later) It had the Nutribullet base with the detached spinning blades (It came with 3 different versions) I used the basic version. 

Attaching the blade to the Nutribullet system is very simple you just put them together and spin it in a circle motion until you hear it click (Though i recommend you wash the entire product before you begin using it) Once the Nutribullet system is fully attached you can begin using it right away. They made the setup process very simple. Now that you've attached the Nutribullet parts you're ready to begin making your ''Nutriblasts''!

Before you jump in you will want to read the booklet that comes in the box. It will tell you how to operate the Nutribullet and what to and not to do. The instructions are pretty basic but important if you want to make a good drink. For example, you must have a certain ratio of veggies to fruits in each of your Nutriblasts which i assume will make it taste better. There's also another great booklet which has a list of all the fruits, veggies, and nuts (yes, nuts) that you can use in your Nutriblasts

Setting it up is incredibly easy so you won't have any problems at all. Just make sure you have some space somewhere to conveniently store all of the extra blades. Now that it's set up let's begin making the first Nutriblast. This can be a very exciting time and you might (as I was) be overwhelmed by ideas of what to make. I found it easiest to do a basic recipe that will not only give you a good feel for the nutribullet but will also taste pretty good! So here's the recipe I call "The NutriStarter"

2 Apples
4 Strawberries
2 slices of cucumber 
1/4 cup grapes

Take all of the ingredients and put them into the container cup and add some water. Attach the cup to the Nutribullet and turn the cup slightly counterclockwise to begin the extraction process. Do this for 30 - 60 seconds until you're comfortable with how it looks (in terms of thickness) Then pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

The first Nutriblast i made was so refreshing and it was a really great experience tasting that first cup, Now i admit it wasn't all that tasty but as time went by my skills improved and i became better at choosing the right ingredients and making better tasting Nutriblasts. I also began using ingredients that were good for my health like flax seed and beet root. Now the question is, did it make a difference in my overall health?

Honestly, I think it did. It may sound a little cliche but almost minutes after i made one of my most powerful healthy Nutriblasts (Packed with ingredients highly recommended for their incredible healthy qualities) i felt a great feeling. I could almost feel the power of the ingredients just flowing through me and i have to admit it felt pretty great!


The Nutribullet is incredible and will be a great addition to your kitchen. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain more energy,  lower your risk of getting diseases (If not completely eliminating it) or if you're just trying to live a healthier more fulfilling life. The Nutribullet is a must have 9.5/10!