The Ultimate Guide To Lose Belly Fat Within Just 1 Week!!

If you are serious about losing belly fat and are willing to do whatever it takes to have a beautiful slim stomach then i have just what you are looking for. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to lose HUGE AMOUNTS of belly fat within just 1 week. These instructions are not hypothetical, Which means they are not something that i am guessing will work due to scientific data or popular opinion, These methods have been PROVEN by none other than me

If you follow the instructions i have for you outlined in this post then you will soon see massive weight loss improvement in your stomach area. These instructions must be followed exactly how i tell you to do them. Failure to follow these instructions exactly could result in failure. Now before we start let me say this, This is for people who are not obese looking to lose stomach fat.

I say that because i was never obese, or super overweight. I just had a lot of stomach fat. If you are seriously overweight then this will not work for you. You need to first lose some pounds and become average weight then you can do this. Take a look at the pictures below to have a better idea of what i mean by overweight and obese.

Figure captions from left to right. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. For this to work for you, you will need to be at least #3 but ideally #4. I was #2 when i did this and it worked wonders within the time i stated in the title (7 days) I am unsure about if this will happen in 7 days if you are figure #3 but it should not take any more than maybe a few more days (3-4) depending on your body type.

That's another thing, I am not a doctor so i don't know about your individual genetic makeup and how easy or hard it is for you to lose weight. I am assuming that you are like me and lose weight the way i do

If you are an ectomorph then don't even worry about the graph! You're as good as gold and this should work absolutely splendidly for you and so fast you'll have yourself saying ''That was so easy'' So, first thing you need to do is go to Amazon and buy This Workout Mat because you'll need a comfortable place to do your exercising. I got this same mat when i first did this and i loved using it because it really helped maximize results

Here's exactly what you'll need to do this

1. The Workout Mat
2. Determination
3. Internet Connection

Judging by the fact you're reading this i'd say #3 is taken care of, As for the work out mat you can get that on Amazon with the special link i provided above. Now determination is a HUGE factor in this. If you don't have the determination to do this then let me save you time and just tell you to go back to whatever you were dong before you saw this and pretend you never did. You will fail if you have no determination

Here's How To Do It

So you have your mat and you're filled with determination. Now you are ready to lose that belly fat in 7 days!! Here's what you'll need to do first. Cut out all white foods from your diet. White rice, White flour, White bread, Milk, white everything (except cauliflower) These processed foods only increase weight and cause havoc to your system. Do not under any circumstances eat any white foods or foods made from anything white while you are doing this

(Again, I'm not a doctor. I don't know what cutting out all of these foods will do to any of you but i am 99% sure it will not harm you it will do the opposite, Still i feel i should put the disclaimer here because i don't know your individual health conditions if you have any you may want to reconsider cutting out certain foods which may be vital to your mineral or vitamin intake)

- Stay away from ALL processed foods and candies. Anything that has processed ingredients on the box stay away from it!

- Stay away from ALL fast food places. Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King etc you know them.

- Minimize your consumption of pork, turkey, lamb meat. Chicken breast meat is okay occasionally

Eat These Foods

Quinoa (Buy On Amazon)
Sweet Potato (NOT white potato)
Sun Butter (Click here to buy on Amazon)
Almond Butter (Click here to buy on Amazon)
Coconut Oil (Click here to buy on Amazon) HIGHLY Recommended!! This burns fat by itself
Coconut Milk (Click here to buy on Amazon)
ANY FRUITS OR VEGETABLES you want! Highly Recommended!


Navitas Natural Organic Cocao Goji Superfood
Health Warrior Chia Bars
CLICK HERE FOR MORE SNACKS!( Recommended!) Choose the best options for your body

Tips: Eating is VERY important! Do not minimize your eating if you're hungry then EAT! Just eat GOOD FOODS. No processed cheeseburgers or fat filled ice cream. Go eat a delicious salad or have some apples or bananas and stuff yourself with as much as you can handle :D I place no limit to how much greens and healthy foods you can eat.


So now you know what to eat so now it's time to tell you what to do. Get your work out mat out. Do the exercise in the video below every morning or when you have time in the day. Make it consistent and try to create a routine.

Do the work out and eat the foods i recommend and you'll have a flat stomach in a little as 7 days! I know it worked for me! I was so surprised to see my flat stomach. Diet had a HUGE part to do with it because once i cut out white rice (a HUGE source of belly fat) it was pretty much only a matter of time. Once you lose the belly fat and hopefully adopt a healthier eating lifestyle you will begin to realize that stomach fat is HARD to build up. Since I've done this my belly fat has NEVER returned. I still eat healthy of course so that's a huge part but stomach fat builds up years and years so some of the belly fat you have now is probably from when you were around 12 years old or maybe years ago.

Once you lose the weight you will have a choice, you can continue eating well while maybe treating yourself occasionally. Or you can risk going back to your previous lifestyle and possibly regaining the belly fat. I hope this helps lots of people wanting to get rid of belly fat. This is a proven method because i am proof it works and if you do the exercises and eat well i am 99% sure this will work for you too