What is ''Sexily Healthy''?

I started Sexily Healthy because there are so many people in the United States who are overweight and obese and many of them want to improve their lives but often find it hard to do so with conventional means. They find is too difficult or too confusing and end up giving up and falling into their old ways again. There are also many stigmas about being healthy such as the ''health freak'' and many others, but it doesn't have to be this way

Eating healthily, Exercising on a daily basis,  losing tons of weight, lessening the chances of getting heart attacks and many diseases can be easy, fun, fulfilling and SEXY! Once you live this lifestyle you won't be able to go back. So lets take the next step into our journey of a new lifestyle, It can be a little confusing and sometimes even over whelming but i am here to show you the way. That's what Sexily Healthy is all about. It's all about changing your life for the better by eating better, losing weight, exercising more, and increasing your knowledge of your body.