A Day Of Healthy Eating

What does a full day of healthy eating look like? If you're just starting to live the Sexily Healthy lifestyle or maybe you are interested in starting, you may want to have a better idea of the foods you'll be eating on a daily basis. So let me give you an idea of a healthy day of eating! So let's do a few days of healthy eating. I'll show you different variations of things you could eat on 2 different days.. 

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Breakfast. Cascadian Farm Cereal with Coconut Milk with a tip of added Coconut Oil 

Snack: 1 Banana 

Lunch: Sun Butter and Blackberry Sandwich. 

Snack: Apple 

Dinner: Quinoa, Sweet Potatoe, Free Range Chicken
(Drinks: Coconut Water, Organic Pineapple Drink, Distilled Water)

Quinoa comes in 2 varieties, White and Red. I recommend the red variety because it tastes better. Make sure you use Chicken Broth (Buy) when cooking it!


Breakfast: Baked Potatoe and Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread Slices with  Blackberry Spread

Snack: Raw Organic Live Food Bar (Highly Recommended!)

Snack: 1 Banana and some Grapes. Goji Superfood Snack Bar

Dinner: Steamed Spinach with Salmon and Quinoa
(Drinks: Coconut WaterOrganic Pineapple Drink, Distilled Water)

Salmon is so incredibly good for you! Find out where you can buy this and get it!