What To Eat At McDonalds

Chances are you've probably been to a fast food joint once in your life. The menu's at these places can look so enticing (Even though most of them don't taste half as good as they look) However they can be enticing on sight nonetheless. You'd be forgiven for wanting to try some just by the pictures alone, But is it good for you? Is it bad for weight loss? Will it make you gain lots of processed fats in important parts of your body? Will it increase your risk of getting a disease? Will it harm your overall health?

All of these are great questions and need an adequate answer. So i'll tell you which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from using the Mcdonalds menu as an example but this can be applied to pretty much all the fast food places out there regardless of their theme. Fast food joints all have a similarity and some common ground. So lets start! Mcdonalds is such a famous fast food place, We've all seen their golden arches

When you walk into a Mcdonalds this is what you will typically see on the menu.

So your typical Mcdonalds menu filled with lots of processed meat and artificial ingredients that wreck havoc in our bodies. So which one of these can you eat? First of all you will want to stay away from the Big Mac at ALL costs. Along with every other beef sandwich.

You'll also want to stay away from all the Chicken sandwiches and the Chicken nuggets. Pretty much EVERYTHING made from ''meat'' in the Mcdonalds menu. (Meat is in quotation marks because the meat at Mcdonalds is notoriously bad for you and some say were created in some very iffy tactics)

Why am i telling you to stay away from ALL Mcdonalds meat? Mcdonalds serves BILLIONS of people every year. Imagine the number of animals they need for the meat they put in their sandwiches and other menu items? Just imagine the way those animals must be treated. Not to mention the methods in which they use to turn animal fat into some of their menu items like Chicken Nuggets.

So stay away from the meat products on the menu. Stay VERY FAR away from their beverages menu. I mean at least a football field lengths away. These are FILLED with TOXIC chemicals i literally would not feed to my dog if i had one.  Never put this toxic stuff inside your body. 

French Fries should not be consumed either. White Potatoes aren't good for you by themselves but when you add oil and grease to the equation to make fries they are your stomachs worst nightmare. You'll gain so much fat you'll think you ate a horse

So far it looks like there's not much good on the Micky D's menu. But this next one might be different right? Lets hope so. Next we're going to talk about Deserts! Mcdonalds has an apple pie on their menu that i can tell you from personal experience (a very long time ago) gives you belly fat like no other.

If you want to keep unhealthy fat off your stomach then stay away from this too. Also this is filled with processed ingredients that i wouldnt feed my dog, i would NEVER eat it or recommend it to another human being. So Apple pie is a no no

Pretty much EVERYTHING on the Mcdonalds menu is a big NO except for one thing.. The salads. Mcdonalds has a good variety of pretty good salad dishes that i recommend. Just don't put anything on it like mayo

Okay guys so we pretty much established that Mcdonalds should be avoided at all cost except maybe in emergencies you can buy a salad but everything else you see on the menu you should steer clear of. Those foods will only harm your health and make you gain excess fat

I know guys - this post is probably not that uplifting for people who eat food at Mcdonalds regularly. The truth is fast food places aren't good for you. Check out my Healthy Food Snacks page (Click here) for tons of great healthy foods you can eat instead of fast food! You can also make veggie burgers (Though i do not recommend any white bread, rice, or flour) 

Guys, If you want to know more about the dangers of fast food then check out this EXCELLENT post from an external site (CHECK IT OUT>>)

What we put inside our bodies is so very important. You wouldn't put mud in your cars gas tank would you? For our bodies to operate properly and do what it needs to do it is highly beneficial for the foods we eat to not fight the body or give it more work to do, but help it do what it needs to do. The greatest thing you can do to lose weight, increase energy, increase mood, increase strenght, and decrease chances of getting diseases is to eat the right foods

My opinion..