Comfortable Workout Clothes

A huge part of the Sexily Healthy philosophy is exercising goes hand in hand with eating right. If i had to give you a percentage of how important exercising is to overall weight loss journey and just being healthy in general i would say it's about 35%. Eating is 65% of your overall journey to lose weight but eating is simply the wind to your sails, you still need to steer occasionally with some exercising. So you've had your Low Fat PB&J sandwich and now you're ready to work out.

There's just one problem. You don't have the gear. Now let me be clear.. normally working out doesn't have to be something you dress for and i would usually agree with that except there's just something about gearing up for the occasion that makes you feel in the mood and just revs up your enthusiasm. Comfort is a HUGE HUGE part of exercising! You must be comfortable in what you're wearing to do the absolute best you can do!

Here are some of the best most comfortable workout gear you absolutely must get that will surely increase your results!


Sexy Mini Knockout Yoga Exercise Gym Workout Cotton Fitted Spandex Shorts


Game Gear Women's Athletic Form Fit Sweat Blocking & Odor Resistant Sports Bra
Ularmo® Women Padded Bra Top Athletic Vest Gym Fitness Sports Yoga Stretch
Texere Women's T-Shirt (Spring Zing) Eco Friendly Cure for the Ordinary Tee


A.S Heavy Weight Soft Stretch Fleece Inside Long Legging Yoga/Gym Pants (Onesize, Black)
Sumaclife Full Length Comfortable Seamed Legging Tights (Stardust Blue)
Plus Size Women's Spandex Exercise Short - Compression Workout Shorts *Made in USA*
Women's Plus-Size Dri-More Core Relaxed Fit Workout Pant - Yoga , Gym
Women's Spandex Exercise Compression Workout Shorts